JC Lamkin

JC Lamkin, President, Gypsy Lane Technologies

JC Lamkin, PMP

President, Gypsy Lane Technologies

What Makes Her Tick?

“People always ask me what is it that drives me…what motivates me to do so much so well? I think the answer is simple: I know the facts. I know we are each capable of doing great things.  My mother’s aunt kept meticulous records of our family’s contributions to the development of America, so while some people have to believe whatever they are told, I know the facts.”

From the cotton fields and farmlands of the South to the neighborhoods and board rooms of the North, JC’s family tree is the root of America’s greatness.  According to The Atlantic, African American people represent America’s largest asset, “nearly 4 million American slaves were worth some $3.5 billion, making them the largest single financial asset in the entire U.S. economy, worth more than all manufacturing and railroads combined.”  As a commodity, labor pool, inventors and collateral, the African in America represent a living, breathing gold mine. Yet, as a self-made woman, JC’s only bequest has been the rich legacy of a resilience.

Following a long line of African American slaves, sharecroppers, farmers, armed service men and women, truck drivers, teachers, domestic servants and business people, JC carries the values of some of America’s proudest and most talented forbearers.

“I think I’ve always felt a special need to carry on my parents’ rich tradition of defying the odds. Our grandparents and great grandparents worked hard to raise their families, keeping them together and instilling in them the pride of exploring the best in themselves and the world. Although the armed services was segregated and he was paid a fraction of what other enlisted men were paid, my father still loyally served his country.  Because, after all, it was in fact his country. Disheartened because of racial injustice, he would never realize his dream of becoming an FBI agent. But, he continued his support of the country that the sweat and determination of our people made so great.”

Shots Fired

“My people never gave up.  Even when cheated out of his land by greedy prospectors, and paid much less than his white counter parts were paid for his farm goods, my great grandfather continued to work miracles with seed.  He used his guile to keep most of his 13 children safe, alive and educated, while my great grandmother raised the white children of others.  My family took care of the farm, their own children and had to raise white people’s children, too.  Entrenched in America’s homes, my family brought a sense of spirituality, stewardship and trusted advice.  In constant stewardship and directing America’s development, my great grandfather must have known that some people live in a box, see their lives as small and believed that in order to survive, they needed to steal food out of the mouths of his children and prevent them from building generational wealth.

 My great grandfather saw the truth in that life was not meant to be lived in a box. He did not worry that some white people felt so threatened by his likely success that they made laws to try to prevent him from even learning to read. He lived life in God’s expansive world, not in human’s confining tiny little box.  So, my great grandfather never had to try to dehumanize nor cheat others to make a living.  As a matter of fact, he was very giving and loving. God had blessed my great grandfather with the ability to realize and rely on his own skills and resilience to ensure that his family and his community flourished.  I suppose that’s what happens when one depends on seeds, sun, earth, and rain for sustenance…you realize that everything else is just transient.

 So basically, I come from a long line of truly conscious badass mutherfuckers!”

Daaaamn, She Cracked the Code!

“In watching humans evolve, I’ve learned that there are people in the world who still believe in living in that little tiny box.  They believe that the only way they can survive is by making certain that others or they themselves suffer, spiritually, mentally, physically and/or emotionally.  I call these people AddyOps™. Pronounced “add-dee-ops”.  An AddyOp™ is a person who is addicted to oppression.  AddyOps are not race specific nor gender specific. Some people are addicted to receiving oppression (AddyOp-R).  Some people are addicted to giving oppression (AddyOp-G).  Most people are well practiced at both, however, because being an AddyOp is more of a cycle with a constant transference and absorption of adverse energy.  We encounter AddyOps all of time.  They are mostly people who never had the opportunity to evolve because they have been so busy becoming proficient at operating from a position of hopelessness and assumed lack in the world.  The AddyOp’s entire self-worth and sense of success is tied to how may people they were able to deceive or cheat that day.  They imagine themselves to be quite clever for this…as though cheating and deceiving people are modern inventions that they alone have mastered.

It is the AddyOp’s learned belief in lack that feeds their actions:

“It’s a dogeatdog world”

“It’s either you or me”

For the AddyOp, it seems impossible that both “you and I” flourish.  It must be one or the other; and, so they move mountains and shift all rules of nature to make their belief seem true.  For the AddyOp, there is usually only one solution to every problem and typically, that solution involves hurting someone or being hurt physically, economically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Participating in oppression is just business as usual for the AddyOp.”

A Sense of Belonging

“One of the most beautiful things about humans is our natural symbiosis. We want to belong. We want to fit in. We want to be a part of something. Almost everyone wants to belong. It can be a very beautiful thing to watch us co-create, to watch us unify around good.

However, when not applied thoughtfully, our need to belong can also be the very thing that inhibits our individual and collective growth.

It is our need to belong and sense of lack that feeds our AddyOp roles in society.  For example, if I am an AddyOp-R who works in sales at a bank, I may feel pressure to outperform my co-workers and obtain bonuses.  In order to outperform them, I have to make high sales numbers.  To make high sales numbers I must open new accounts.  As an AddyOp, it is obvious to me that I only have one option…I must open fake accounts in order to meet the company’s sales goals.  We see in this scenario, the AddyOp is both giving and receiving oppression because the AddyOp must abuse the trust of his customers by using their personal information to open these fake accounts (giving oppression) because the AddyOp feels pressure to meet sales goals and get bonuses (receiving oppression).  Because the AddyOp is not practiced in relaxing, identifying and choosing from viable options, it never occurs to him that another option may be to discuss with his employer how the sales goals may be adjusted, or to partner with neighborhood organizations to develop financial literacy programs which would help him open a massive number of new real accounts, ensure that these accounts stay open, well funded and ensure the growth and sustainability of the neighborhood.

And the bank (AddyOp-G), of course, will never admit their own guilt in leading this scam and believes its only option is to fire the employees who participated in this grift.  The after all, the bank can not understand where thousands of their employees would have gotten the idea that this scheme was okay. 🙄

When we feel pressure, lack or other adverse energies, our natural reflex action is to push this energy onto some one or some thing else.  Typically, we choose to push this adverse energy on to those whom we have learned are here especially for this purpose.  Receptacles for adverse energies.  Historically, these receptacle roles have been held by women, minorities, children, the poor, the elderly and generally any group that is “unusual”. We have been in silent agreement that these are safe receptacles as no one will come to their rescue nor object to the point of measurable change.  

Chocolate Chip Cookies Vs. Broccoli

As our society attempts to naturally evolve and find other means for transforming and dispersing our adverse energies, some AddyOps are finding it confusing and frustrating.  It seems unfair to them that they should not be able to take advantage of the same societal caste system and dynamic that their parents were able to. After all, where are they going to put all of their adverse energy now?  It is like feeding a child chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner all of her life, then without warning, trying to feed her broccoli.  Since a diet of only cookies has made the child slow, sick and useless,  it is not easy for her to comprehend why she needs to eat broccoli to become stronger, faster and healthier.

Most of us are not aware that this adverse energy exists.  We just act out. Sometimes we are angry, but we can not quite put our finger on why we are angry or even if we should have a reason to be angry in the first place.  It may make sense that we are not aware that adverse energy exists since we seldom see it.  Although when you think about it, we don’t see WiFi either but we know it exists and we use it while not really understanding how it works.

It’s quite fascinating when you think about it.  The earth is 196.9 million mi² but the AddyOp is convinced there is not enough for everyone. As a fact, much of the earth is still uncharted and most of the sea unexplored, so the idea that there is not enough for everyone is rather preposterous.   Yet, somehow, we have not evolved enough to understand this.  I have learned that it does not serve me to focus my attention on lack.  It is better to focus my attention on exploring God’s blessings not man’s archaic sense of lack and fear.”


 “So, I practice being what I call an AddyF.  An AddyF is a person who is addicted to freedom, giving and receiving.  I have developed sets of novellas, tools and videos which chronicle my personal experience with this next level of human development, The Knowing.  Instead of feeding into the idea of lack, frustration and hopelessness, I practice transforming this energy into something productive for myself and thus become a part of expanding the world around me.

While I don’t suppose that I’ll ever be as miraculous as my parents, their parents, aunts and uncles, I certainly feel a sense of duty to build upon the rich foundation that they meticulously laid through their centuries of involuntarily investing in America. From transportation, to the economy, even in fashion, my people have made the ultimate sacrifice for America which even today only others reap the benefits from because other people don’t have the backbone to admit that they don’t believe they can take care of themselves without attempting to prevent others from living a full life.  Humans, especially Americans, have simply never been debriefed on this issue and are therefore forced to live a perpetual charade, a role play cycling between AddyOp-R and AddyOp-G.  Each in peculiar support of the other.  It’s fascinating to watch the contradiction between our belief that we are civilized and advanced but all the while ignoring the signs that sometimes we act like we just crawled out of a cave yesterday.”

Never Give Up

“My people never gave up. Although they seemed to not be in control of their own circumstances, they lived full and purposeful lives and made certain to lay a path for their descendants to follow, so that we could hopefully derive comfort from that which they were unable to.

In choosing primarily the business of technology as a career, I didn’t follow in my ancestors’ path careerwise, so the learning curve was extremely steep for me because I had no one to look to for advice. But, overcoming my challenges was very much worth my time because I’ve learned a great deal and maintained my sense of pride in ownership.

I enjoy my life, but at the end of the day, I can also confidently say that I honor my family’s sacrifices and heritage.”

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Areas of Expertise

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• Certified Project Manager (PMP)

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Over 15 years in IT management, project management and community development

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President & CEO of Gypsy Lane Technologies

President, Executive Producer & Host of the “Technically Speaking Radio” program

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Contributor, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), http://www.pmpsvc.com/opm3.pdf

Product management: Directly responsible for assigned project revenue (upwards of $25M) and client satisfaction with the projects and deliverables for multiple teams.

Solution Concept to Execution: Unique competency in translating business issues into customer solutions including opportunity identification, requirements development, software development management, delivery, support, and analysis.

Innovative Application of Technology: Unique capability to understand capabilities of technology to solve a particular business problem or create business opportunity.

Product development: Full lifecycle experience in scoping, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting enterprise scale business application and business intelligence software, using both waterfall and iterative development methodologies.

Teaming and collaboration: Specialize in creating cross-functional, cross-organizational teams with the customer to identify, prioritize, and design solutions for business requirements.

Strong quantitative analysis skills to lend insight to highly ambiguous and sensitive business problems.

Strong project and team management skills on highly complex projects with rapid results.

Advanced communication skills across all media: email, issue papers, presentations, web content.

Community Service Accomplishments

Led Computer Training course for seniors at Potters House Mission

Co-Chair Tribute to Women in Ministries

Spear-headed in-service tech community event: “Taking technology to the streets”. Results: Job search, voter registration, resume creation and uploading resumes for non-computer savvy citizens

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Technology Council Gala Nomination for Educator of the Year

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